Supporting Teacher Growth 3-Day Course – Fall 2019

09/30/2019 - 11/18/2019 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
430 Helix Road
Greenwood, SC 29646


This three-day training will provide administrators and instructional coaches with skills needed to support teacher growth and development using the SC Teaching Standards 4.0 Rubric. Participants will learn to navigate pre-conference coaching conversations, to collect observation data to support refinement and reinforcement plans, to provide meaningful feedback, and to conduct growth producing post-conference coaching conversations.

Audience: Administrators and Instructional Coaches

Learning Outcomes:

Day 1: Monday, September 30   “Understanding the 4.0 Rubric and the Pre-Conference”

  • Understand high quality teaching as defined by the SC. Teaching Standards 4.0 Rubric.
  • Identify methods to collect classroom data to support the SC Teaching Standards 4.0 Rubric.
  • Increased craftsmanship in coaching skills during pre-conference conversations with teachers (listening for understanding).

Day 2: Monday, October 14  “Meaningful Feedback”

  • Recognize how four support functions (coaching, consulting, collaborating, evaluating) promote teacher growth.
  • Differentiate between coaching feedback and evaluative feedback.
  • Use classroom data to provide meaningful feedback and determine refinement and reinforcement plans.

 Day 3: Monday, November 18   “The Post-Conference and Next Steps”

  • Recognize strategies for increasing teacher consciousness and self-directedness around refinement and reinforcement areas.
  • Increased craftsmanship in coaching skills during post-conference conversations with teachers (questioning to support growth).
  • Understand how to develop professional growth plans to support teacher refinement areas.
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