Camp Aspire! Robotics, Coding and Engineering Beginner Level Course

06/15/2020 - 08/21/2020 All Day


Enroll children directly into Camp: ASPIRE using the special South Carolina STEM Learning Ecosystem code. Camps will be operated by UBTECH-trained teachers.
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Ready to start a journey exploring robots? This is the introduction to learning the basics of programming, engineering and robotics. Students start by building and programming basic robots to do simple tasks and quickly progress to designing more complex robotic creations that will get them excited about engineering. Students learn the basics of programming by developing computational thinking skills through fun, hands-on exploration and troubleshooting in the context of real-world scenarios. This camp is perfect for students who want to jump into robotics and coding in a fun, low-key environment. Suggested for little to no experience in coding or robotics.



Students will:

  • Explore basic engineering, coding and robotics concepts and how they relate to the real world
  • Use modern tech tools (UKIT app, UKIT robots, computers)
  • Participate in the engineering design process by iterating on robotic design
  • Learn basic programming elements and practice computational thinking skill

Visit to register for week-long course.



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